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At Clyde North Dental Studio, nestled in Melbourne’s southeast, we’re not just a dental clinic; we’re a dedicated partner committed to fostering lifelong oral health for your children.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 13 years, our team takes pride in providing a calm and comforting environment that reduces anxiety while creating positive dental experiences for our young patients.

Schedule an appointment today and join our family of satisfied clients – let’s build a healthier, brighter smile for your child together.

Children’s Dentistry

Benefits of Children’s Dentistry at Clyde North Dental Studio

Discover the multitude of benefits that our Children’s Dentistry services provide at Clyde North Dental Studio:

Why Choose Clyde North Dental Studio for Children’s Dentistry

Here’s why Clyde North Dental Studio should be your preferred choice for Children’s Dentistry:
Children’s Dentistry Why Choose Us

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Frequently Asked Questions about Children’s Dentistry

It is recommended to bring children to Clyde North Dental Studio for their first dental visit at or around their first birthday or when their first tooth emerges, whichever comes first.

Scheduling a visit at this early stage is beneficial as it can help detect potential dental issues and ensure that the child’s teeth are developing healthily.

The dental team at Clyde North Dental Studio is experienced in providing quality dental care for children. It will ensure they receive a comprehensive checkup, including advice on maintaining healthy teeth and gums and any necessary treatments, such as fillings, tooth removal, and orthodontic need like mouthguards.

Clyde North Dental Studio aims to provide families with the best possible dental care and help foster healthy smiles for generations.

At Clyde North Dental Studio, we strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and ease, helping to ensure that our young patients feel comfortable and at ease during their visit.

Our experienced dentists and staff are skilled in providing dental services and treatment tailored to each child’s needs. We explain the procedures in a child-friendly manner, reducing any potential anxiety. In addition, we have Netflix available, turning the dental visit into an entertaining and enjoyable experience for your child.

Tooth extraction is a last resort for dental care, and Clyde North Dental Studio offers a gentle, patient-friendly approach to ensure the procedure is as painless as possible. The experienced dentists at the studio provide effective topical numbing gel and anaesthesia to numb the area and make the procedure pain-free as much as possible. Clear aftercare instructions to support the healing and recovery process.

In addition to tooth extraction, the studio also offers emergency dental treatments, wisdom teeth removals, permanent teeth replacements, root canal treatments, and dental education to help maintain teeth healthy. The dental studio aims to provide the highest quality children’s dentistry and promote good dental hygiene to its patients.

Gap-free check-ups are available for those with private insurance, providing an affordable way to access quality dental care.

Clyde North Dental Studio offers comprehensive check-ups, including an examination, cleaning, fluoride treatments, and X-rays if necessary. Our skilled dentists and experienced staff are dedicated to providing preventive care for your children’s primary teeth, so they can have a healthy smile and avoid gum diseases.

We understand the importance of having a family dentist that you can trust, and that’s why we strive to make every dental appointment a comfortable and informative experience. Our gap-free check-up is the perfect solution for families looking to save on their children’s dentistry expenses and access the best quality care.

Early intervention orthodontic treatment can help shape the future of a child’s smile, creating the perfect foundation for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy teeth.

Clyde North Dental Studio offers Phase 1 orthodontics, focusing on helping children aged 6-10 years address potential issues before they fully develop. The experienced dental professionals work with families to provide comprehensive dental health services, including orthodontic treatment such as braces, dental crowns, and payment plans to make treatment affordable.

With a focus on providing the best care for children, Clyde North Dental Studio is the perfect choice for parents who want to ensure their child’s smile is healthy and beautiful.

Space maintainers are a common treatment option to ensure proper smile development when a baby tooth has been lost prematurely. Clyde North Dental Studio does provide space maintainers for children.

The device helps to keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to emerge in the right position. Our experienced dentists will carefully examine your child’s dental condition and discuss the best treatment options with you.

Rest assured that our primary aim is to ensure your child’s oral health and the proper development of their smile.

A Healthy Smile Starts With Prevention

Crafting Bright Smiles Early On

Instil good oral hygiene habits early with our tailored services at Clyde North Dental Studio.