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At Clyde North Dental Studio, we’re more than just a dental practice – we’re your partners in achieving a radiant and healthy smile. Our dedicated team specialises in a diverse range of orthodontic solutions, including braces and clear aligners, designed to deliver more than just aesthetic appeal. We employ advanced technology, customised treatments and a holistic care approach prioritising oral health. Start your journey towards a confident, beautiful smile today. Get in touch with us to book your first appointment.

Benefits of Orthodontics at Clyde North Dental Studio

Embarking on an orthodontic journey with Clyde North Dental Studio opens the door to countless benefits for your smile and oral health. Here’s what you can look forward to:
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Why Choose Clyde North Dental Studio for Orthodontics

Regarding orthodontics, Clyde North Dental Studio stands out as your optimal choice. Here’s why:
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Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontics

You may require orthodontic treatment if you have visible misalignments or bite issues, such as crooked or crowded teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, or jaws that shift or make sounds.

At Clyde North Dental Studio, we understand that orthodontic treatments come in many forms, and we are here to provide you with the best option for your individual needs. Our experienced dental team will perform a comprehensive examination, including X-rays and digital scans if necessary, to assess your dental health and bite alignment.

We will then provide you with a tailored treatment plan that may include conventional braces, traditional braces, or other dental treatments to help you achieve your desired straight teeth.

When a mix of baby and permanent teeth are present around age seven, an initial orthodontic screening can detect potential issues and pave the way for successful treatment.

At Clyde North Dental Studio, experienced dentists create a tailored treatment plan for each patient to help them get the perfect smile they desire. Our orthodontic solutions are suitable for patients of all ages, from traditional braces to clear aligners.

With our help, you can achieve a healthy, beautiful, confident smile that lasts many years.

The frequency of visits during orthodontic treatment depends on the treatment type and individual progress, typically requiring adjustments and evaluations every 4 to 8 weeks.

At Clyde North Dental Studio, we understand that your dental health and the orthodontic journey are essential. That is why we strive to make visits with us convenient, offering flexible payment plans and alternatives to metal braces for those who want them.

During your orthodontic treatment, you must regularly visit your family dentist for adjustments and evaluations and to receive the next set of aligners in your treatment plan. We want to ensure you are comfortable and confident in your orthodontic journey and will do our best to accommodate your needs regarding dentist appointment times.

Dental treatment can be crucial in managing sleep disorders like sleep apnoea by addressing underlying structural issues, such as a misaligned jaw.

At Clyde North Dental Studio, our skilled dentists can assess your oral and facial structures and determine if orthodontic treatment could help manage your sleep disorder.

The experienced team at Clyde North Dental Studio ensures the best possible outcome. With the help of our expert dentists, straighter teeth can help alleviate your sleep disorder and improve your overall sleep quality.

Clyde North Dental Studio proudly participates in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). This initiative from the Australian Government provides access to benefits for essential dental services to around 3 million children. However, it’s important to note that CDBS covers general dental services and does not typically cover orthodontic treatments.

We understand that orthodontic treatment is an investment and are committed to making it as accessible as possible. We offer flexible payment plans and accept various dental schemes to assist with the cost of orthodontic treatment. Our team is happy to discuss your options and find a solution that best suits your family’s needs.

Good oral hygiene is essential during orthodontic treatment, and brushing and flossing should be done regularly for optimal results.

At Clyde North Dental Studio, we recommend brushing at least twice daily – in the morning and before bed – and flossing once daily. Special orthodontic flossers are available to make it easier to floss around braces.

Additionally, brushing after every meal removes food particles trapped in the braces. Fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush should be used for effective cleaning.

Furthermore, our friendly team provides comprehensive instructions for orthodontic treatment.

A Healthy Smile Starts With Prevention

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